Furniture for open decks and balconies

​25 years of industry experience

Furniture solutions for Cruise & Hospitality

We are Danes, with saltwater in the veins, committed to deliver furniture to the cruise line industry that inspire designers, exceed owners’ expectations, and make guests come back.

In an industry where trust is everything, it is our vision to be recognized as the leading team that delivers cruise quality design furniture in time and budget.

​Catalogue from 2021

Beautiful Product

Our Work

Quality & Design Management

  • 25 years of cruise quality furniture experience.
  • Carefully selected raw materials and pre-inspection before production is the first step, then mid-inspection and then final-inspection.
  • Over all less rejections due to a closely monitored production
  • Consistency in quality and design.
  • Innovative, technical and sustainable solutions for any type of design, lead time and price. requirements.
  • In-house quality control team that inspects and ensures a long lasting durability
  • Higher quality and lower TCO through increased manufacturing performance.

3D renderings

Architect and designer support

The owner and architect are able to walk through their projects with highly realistic 3D renderings.

  • 3D Renderings allow you to visualize the interior of the cruise liner through a collection of stunning realistic photos that breathe life.
  • Technical Drawings significantly reduce construction complications, increase efficiency and allow for proper planning.
  • Careful selection of materials that deliver a sensory experience both visual and tactile.
  • BOQ – The heart of every succesful project that leads to better planning and results in saving money and time.

Company info​

​Njords Ark A/S

Alsion 2

6400 Sønderborg, Denmark

Njords Ark A/S – VAT. No: 41103906

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