MSC - World Europa

In close collaboration with SMC Design, Njords Ark delivered bespoke furniture solutions to the Tea Room, Italian Café, Speak Easy and the award winning English Pub & Bar.

We also worked with MSC on:

Seashore 2021 - Seascape 2021 - World Europa 2022 Poesia 2022 - Magnifica 2023 - Orchestra 2023

The sixth largest ship, MSC World Euopa offers a wide variety of food and beverage experiences. Njords Ark has taken great pride in delivering furniture solutions to some of the most noticeable areas onboard.

“We’ve spent a healthy amount of time planning and aligning the supply chain for these unique pieces of furniture. These items show that we raised the bar for our bespoke services, to deliver a luxurious feel to the finishes and details.”

Morten Bang LarsenCOO