Design & Engineering

We create bespoke cruise quality design furniture for refits and new-build.

Cruise Quality is the ultimate combination of the finest materials. Outdoor furniture must be of the best aluminum and highest grade of stainless steel to resist corotation. Indoor furniture must last until next refit and the best engineering must go hand-in-hand with the right design.

We know every product must be unique to every cruise line, either with a special fabric combination or with a custom developed shape of furniture. 

We provide the design support with photorealistic renderings of the furniture and environment. We develop detailed shop drawings and these process is crucial for us, to align and combine design with engineering.​

Will we guarantee a long lasting product and a smooth development process.

Company info​

​Njords Ark A/S

Alsion 2

6400 Sønderborg, Denmark

Njords Ark A/S – VAT. No: 41103906

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