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Bespoke to cruise

We are Danes, with saltwater in the veins, committed to deliver furniture to the cruise line industry that inspire designers, exceed owners’ expectations, and make guests come back.

We are committed to cruise and have build our business processes to refit and new build cruise project. We understand every aspects of the your business and we will make your purchase and decision making process easier and winning in a way that makes you win too.

Hand crafted cruise furniture

Njords Ark uses the highest quality materials, and every component is careful selected and engineered to guarantee cruise quality. 

We create next level indoor and outdoor furniture solutions there lasts high traffic onboard and complies with IMO regulations. Read more about cruise quality.

Company info​

​Njords Ark A/S

Alsion 2

6400 Sønderborg, Denmark

Njords Ark A/S – VAT. No: 41103906

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