​HDPE Wicker, High Density Polyethylene inherently colored wicker is a must for the outdoor contract furniture. 

 The wicker used for contract furniture must be solid, and not hollow wicker structures before it can last for a minimum of 5 years contract use.

Njords Ark´s is involved directly with Wicker manufacturers to ensure that the FR and UV treatment is inherent into the fibers. 

So over time when the fibers get worn it will not lose it properties that is crucial for a perfect outdoor contract furniture material.

​The main component in Wicker is Polyethylene is the most widely used plastic in the World and the easiest plastic to recycle making, this makes wicker fibers easy to recycle after a long time in contract furniture use.

All wicker furniture is hand woven at the factory and requires many years of experience before one become a Master weaver and is able to weave complicated pattern and making the finish of the weaving looking seamlessly.

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