Selecting the right sustainable wood

Wood is the most common material when manufacturing indoor furniture. It gives an elegance and beauty to the room with the many variations of texture, shapes and colors so each chair becomes a masterpiece in its selves. 

Wood is a cost-efficient material there gives a wide flexibility of shapes in combination with strong capabilities. The most common types of wood are ash, beech and oak of which all can be found with PEFC certificate, to secure the material comes from legal and sustainable sources.

PEFC forest certification is a global organization there secure that forest is sustainable managed – so secure your supplier provides the right certificates for a sustainable future.​

01. Drying Process

The kiln drying process is a heat process generated by steam from kilns are used to dry the lumber to a moisture content that reaches a percentage suitable for cruise, depending on lumber type will differ. 

The steam in these kilns are fuelled by wood-fired boilers in which all of the wood is recycled bi-product from production. 

Once the lumber has been kiln dried, it will be regraded and this process takes up to 30 days.

02. Cutting and sanding

Once the drying process has been completed, the lumber will go through a manual selection process to remove any defects of the natural wood. 

All possible measures that can compromise stability and durability has been checked. The cutting will happen in 2 stages of rough and fine sanding. 

CNC cutted mortise joints with grooves to secure glue to stay via strong dowel connections.

03. Assembly

When the wood parts have been cuttet and sanded, its ready to enter the assembly process. 

During this phase, the wood part will go through different stations, depending on specific designs. Eg. 

Dowel locking of tenon joins will be mounted together with DCTC-block (Double cut Triangular corner) to secure an even stronger frame construction.

04. Four step Varnish Process

Once the furniture have passed through the 2 PDT (Pre-delivery inspections), they will me moved to the next phase. 

The wood goes through a 4step finishing process, which gives it the long lasting protection.

Step 1: ​Staining the chair to match the customers color.

Step 2: ​Overcoat to fill the wood.

Step 3: Fine sanding to secure smooth surface following by an extra middle coat.

Step ​4: Final coat of varnishing

The result is a durable UV finishing there will guarantee a long lasting cruise furniture for lower cost of ownership.

Configuration and options

Part of the configuration process is to make ideas to reality and choose the right stain to match design. 

We manufacturer and offer solutions for indivdual messures, materials and finishes. Below here is shown our most popular colors. 

Please contact us for bespoke color solutions.

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