​Polystone surface is an advanced composite of aluminum-tri & MMA developed as a practical material for Contract furniture use. 

It’s blended at a ratio of 69% natural stone powder with 1% color pigments and 30% polymer resins.

Polysone performs better then, both real stone and laminate. Polystone is not able to absorb any type of liquids, this is because the material has closed pores on and the material I more compacted than normal stone.

Polystone is also less brittle so breakage of edges or whole plates is much less common when Polystone is used over natural stone. 

There for Polystone is an ideal material for contract furniture specially as table tops due to the low maintenance.

Since Polystone is a composite material, the material has been carefully chosen to be resistant against chemical cleaning products that will not have any effects on Polystone.

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