Our Durability

"In sustainability, durability isn't just a feature - it's our future,"

Let's rethink furniture purchasing, and re-soruce with Njords Ark.​

Durability isn’t just a feature—it’s an absolute necessity. 

As one of the leading pillars of sustainability, durability encompasses the principle of “buying less, but better.” In this context, it means investing in high-quality, long-lasting furniture pieces that withstand the rigors of constant use and the unique challenges of a maritime environment.

Longevity is the key: Durable furniture is designed to stand the test of time.

High-quality materials, expert craftsman ship, and attention to detail ensure that each

piece can weather heavy use and resist wear and tear. This longevity reduces the

frequency of replacements, thereby minimizing waste and decreasing demand for new


Durability is the cornerstone of sustainable solutions in the maritime and cruise furniture industry. It ensures that the beauty and comfort of today do not compromise the resources and well-being of tomorrow.

By embracing durability, we champion a vision of sustainability that balances aesthetic appeal, functional integrity, economic sensibility, and environmental responsibility.​

​Our Re-source steps:

01: Dialog and project frames

When planning and determining a cruise furniture production is it the most important to know the frames we work in. When, what and where is 3 important keywords that define our sourcing focus.

​02: Solution solving

After the frame is set, we start to brainstorm about the technical, logistic resources, we showcase key-partners and manufacturers for this project. ​The total overview and a A, B and C solution will be presented together with advantage point for each solution.

​03: The ambition is clear

In the manufacturing process is our ambition to keep moving the focus towards a resourcing minimizing strategy to have as little waste material and Co2 footprint as possible.

​The advantage with Re-source:

  • ​The advantage with Re-source:
  • We offer customized and bespoke loose furniture solutions.
  • Well-engineered furniture for cruise.
  • We make delivery in time at the yard.
  • With the less possible environment footprint.
  • With the ambition of a smooth communication and order flow for cruise ship owner, architect, and yard.

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